The Brookline Ballet School

The Brookline Ballet School
1431 Beacon Street
Brookline MA, 02446

Phone: 617.879.9988

Ballet Sessions

Absolute Beginner and Basic Beginner classes are offered as sessions running 6-8 weeks.  Prices vary depending on the length of the session. Drop-in space may be available (depending on enrollment) in the Basic Beginner session.

Click here to sign up for Absolute Beginner sessions!
Click here to sign up for Basic Beginner sessions!

Basic Beginner (session): These classes are designed for people with some knowledge of ballet and those who have completed at least one Absolute Beginner Ballet session. The style of learning is similar to the Absolute Beginner classes, we teach slowly with a focus on students’ understanding, breaking down how to do new steps. We concentrate on the use of arms and upper bodies, and combining steps into longer and more complex combinations. Center work introduces basic pirouettes, small jumps and simple poses. Students who already enjoy the regular Adult Beginner class may find this class useful as a “study group” where they can bring questions and practice the basics. Students should plan to register for the full session, but some drop-in space may be available.

Absolute Beginner (session): These classes are specially designed for adults who have no ballet experience or those who are returning from many years off. Classes start from the beginning, focusing on the fundamentals of basic leg and arm positions, breaking down each step, and teaching the French vocabulary for each of the positions and steps.  These classes are taught slowly with the focus on correct body placement and proper execution of ballet steps. Students are required to register for the full session as we build on what we have learned from week to week.

Dress code: We have no official dress code for adult classes. Students wear a wide range of attire from the traditional leotard and tights to yoga pants and t-shirts. We suggest students do not wear long pants as they can get in the way when dancing. Ballet slippers are recommended. We recommend you wear what makes you feel comfortable.

Sessions are non-refundable.