The Brookline Ballet School

The Brookline Ballet School
1431 Beacon Street
Brookline MA, 02446

Phone: 617.879.9988

Drop-in Ballet Classes

Open Advanced/Intermediate, Adult Intermediate, Adult Beginner Ballet and Ballet Barre and Conditioning classes are offered on a drop-in basis.

Open Advanced/Intermediate

Trinidad Vives, Eyla Jeschke and Andrew Kelley, internationally renowned teachers, bring years of expertise working with professional ballet companies to these classes.  Taught at a professional level, these classes are perfect for dancers keeping themselves in shape or preparing for a day of rehearsals. 

Adult Intermediate
Significant previous knowledge of ballet is assumed. Barre exercises will focus on increasing speed and complexity. Center work will include longer adagios, more complicated pirouettes and the addition of grand allegro. Coordination of arm and leg movements, increased strength in the lower body and development of grace and fluidity in the upper body will be stressed.

Adult Beginner
Some previous knowledge of ballet is assumed. Simple barre exercises will focus on building strength and reviewing ballet vocabulary and terminology. Center work will incorporate exercises from the barre in adagios, simple pirouettes, and small and medium jumps.

Ballet Barre and Conditioning
This class focuses on deep conditioning barre work, with great emphasis on the use of lower abdominals and their relation to overall body movement and strength. Proper spinal and shoulder positioning are also emphasized throughout class. Center work includes body positions, traveling and connecting steps, turns, adage, and small and big jumps. The class aims to solidify basic ballet technique for students who are serious about improving their technique, as well as to provide overall body conditioning. This class is geared towards students with some previous ballet experience.

Dress code
We have no official dress code for adult classes. Students wear a wide range of attire from the traditional leotard and tights to yoga pants and t-shirts. We suggest students do not wear long pants as they can get in the way when dancing. Ballet slippers are recommended. We recommend you wear what makes you feel comfortable.