The Brookline Ballet School

The Brookline Ballet School
1431 Beacon Street
Brookline MA, 02446

Phone: 617.879.9988


Wednesday June 21, Thursday June 22, Friday June 23
6:30-7:45pm - Ballet Class
8:00-9:00pm - Repertoire

Saturday June 24
10:00-11:15pm - Ballet Class
11:30am-12:30pm - Repertoire

Sunday June 25

10:00-11:15am - Ballet Class
11:30-12:30pm - Repertoire
12:30pm (Informal Showing)

A rare opportunity for adults, the repertoire class will give students a chance to learn a group selection from a classical ballet. We will conclude the program on Sunday with an informal showing of what we have learned for the dancers in the other level.

Tuition: $255

Beginner Level:
Some previous knowledge of ballet is assumed. Simple barre exercises will focus on building strength and reviewing ballet vocabulary and terminology. Center work will incorporate exercises from the barre in adagios, simple pirouettes, and small and medium jumps. Click here to register!

Intermediate Level:
Significant previous knowledge of ballet is assumed. Barre exercises will focus on increasing speed and complexity. Center work will included longer adagios, more complicated pirouettes and the addition of grand allegro. Coordination of arm and leg movements, increased strength in the lower body and development of grace and fluidity in the upper body will be stressed. Click here to register!